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Instructions - Round 2

Team allocation for Round 2 (Please click on the link).

Venues Location map:
NUS High School [Block A, Level 3 (Chem Lab 1); Block B, Level 3 (Chem Lab 2 &3); Location map - enter via main gate]
Nanyang Polytechnic [Block Q, Level 7, Room Q701, Q706, Q709, Q710, Q711, Q712; Location map
- enter via gate 2]
River Valley High School [Chem Lab 1 to 2; Location map, - please enter from main entrance]
Anglo-Chinese Junior College [Chem Lab at level 4 Main building; Location map - please enter from main entrance]

Contestants are advised to arrive about 1 h before the competition starts (i.e. arrive at 9 am).  About 30 min before the start of the competition, contestants will normally be allowed into the assigned venue (i.e. participants will be allowed into the lab at 9.30 am).  A briefing will be provided.  Lab work starts at 10 am and ends at 12 noon.  Participants must ensure that all glassware is cleaned before they will be let out.  Expect about 30 min for cleaning.

Please note that participants should bring along a photo ID for identification, stationery, a scientific calculator, safety goggles* and lab coat*. You are advised to bring a ruler (30 cm), pen, pencil, eraser and stapler. Resources and unauthorised materials (such as communication devices) are strictly prohibited. All information needed to answer the questions (e.g. Periodic Table) will be provided.

If you are bringing in a graphic calculator, please clear the memory of the calculator based on the instructions here.

In this round, we do take into account of laboratory techniques as well as student's awareness of safety in the laboratory.  Penalties will be given for those who do not observe safety guidelines or not using appropriate laboratory techniques.  Some examples of penalties are given in this file.

Safety Rules for SJChO Round 2:
1) Students must be properly attired in school uniform and covered shoes. For girls, the skirt should be knee-length. Shorts are not allowed.
2) Long hair must be tied.
3) All students should also bring along a pair of safety goggles*, which will be worn throughout the length of the experiment.  Students are also encouraged to bring and wear a laboratory coat* while in the laboratory.
4) Glassware should be handled carefully to prevent injury. Students will be asked to pay for breakages and therefore advised to bring cash for this purpose.
5) Students are required to follow the standard safety precautions as well as any specific instructions listed on the question paper or given by the invigilators closely.

Every team will be assigned a team index number. Participants are required to write this index number as well as their individual index number from Round 1 on all the answer booklets (Two white and one coloured).  Please be reminded that only the coloured booklet will be marked.

*While safety goggles and laboratory coat are not compulsory, for your own safety, you are strongly encouraged to use them.  If you intend to conduct your project work in any research laboratories in research institutes and universities, these items are compulsory. So, it will be good to own them.