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President’s Message

Tan Choon Hong-

Chemistry plays a central role in connecting different branches of physical sciences and its understanding is essential to applied sciences such as materials, medicine and engineering. SNIC has a long and proud history, holding its first meeting 48 years ago in 1970. Today, SNIC has members from the academia, industry and public sectors. SNIC, thus is also playing a key role to connect all the members of the chemistry community.

Moving forward, we would like to provide more services for our members, particularly areas of their concern such as jobs and upgrading courses. We would also like to organize more activities to promote chemistry to students and we will be forming a student chapter to undertake this task. Over the past decade, many overseas students have received a chemistry education from Singapore. It would be a pity to lose this strategic connection when they returned home and we hope that through SNIC, they will maintain meaningful links with Singapore.

SNIC will continue to organize conferences, seminars and workshops to engage the community. Next year, we will, in partnership with NUSChem and NTUChem, organize the 10th Singapore International Chemistry Conference. This is a major international conference that will bring the best chemists all over the world to present their latest research findings. We will also organize our first national meeting, Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG) this year. This will be an important platform to bring everyone in the community together to showcase the most interesting chemistry achieved in Singapore. It will also be an excellent opportunity to discuss chemistry education in Singapore as well as to present chemistry in the best light to the public.

If you are part of the chemistry community and if we have not serve you well, please feel free to contact me or any council member. We are glad to be of service to you!

Yours sincerely,
Tan Choon Hong
SNIC Council 2017